I’m currently staring at three different Visa gift cards that I received for the holidays. I’m not complaining about receiving gifts, but why the hell do they have to be in the form of these meaningless gift cards? If you’re going to do that, why not just give me cash? Or an Amazon gift card? At least with that I can see how much money I have left on the card from my account and use the remainder on my next purchase. With these things I have to keep a tally of how much I’ve used on them, which make them almost useless for using on small, everyday purchases. Which basically means that you have to use them on medium-to-big purchases.

But honestly, what’s the point of these “I wasn’t creative enough to buy you a gift, but at least this shows I made a small amount of effort to not be the scumbag who gave you cash”-gift cards? The only purpose the Visa Gift Card serves is to make you feel slightly better about having no creativity or just not giving enough of a shit to make a enough of an effort. Like, why purchase $25 Visa Gift Card, really? You mean you couldn’t pick up a couple of decent craft six packs, or a hardcover book on one of the millions of things I’m interested in? Shit, even buy me something you *know* I’ll return – at least it forces me to make a purchase at your store of choice. The point of receiving Christmas gifts is that I’m not supposed to do the work. I have no earthly idea what I’d like to purchase, and I’m definitely not gonna be the asshole who uses a Visa Gift Card to pay his bar tab. Don’t buy me these gift cards and force me to buy my own gift, that goes against the very ethos of Christmas. (I may not understand Christmas very well.)
So in conclusion: fuck you bad gift-givers. I wish you a lifetime of Visa Gift Card-filled Christmases.
[I should note that it’s perfectly acceptable for parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles/old people in general to give these as gifts. I’ll take one of these over a New Jersey Devils sweater any day.]

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One response to “Day Seven: DEATH TO THE VISA GIFT CARD

  1. not a fan of the devils slight for no reason. boo

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